Computer Science Innovations: we specialize in big data analytics.

Brian Streit is a computer scientist that specializes an advanced software and professional services and applies leading-edge Big Data Analytics tools and techniques to solve previously intractable problems in the cybersecurity, transportation and healthcare knowledge domains.

I specialize in collecting and analyzing unlimited data to model human and machine health and behavior in Big Data stores in real time. The work includes the leveraging the of Inference, Machine Learning and Semantic Web.

The work centers on the collaboration with academic and industry partners. The headquarters is located in Maryland just a few miles outside of Washington, DC. Please browse the Website, call or send us an email, and hope you will be able to join this journey as a friend, customer or partner. .

Experienced technology leadership. Remarkably fast solutions.

“We help our customers conquer their most important business challenges by envisioning unique solutions that were invisible to others. Then, we compose solutions quickly and elegantly by leveraging pre-existing components where the compositional components themselves are used in ways others have not considered. Project usually take no longer than 90 days from start to finish.”

- Brian Streit

Dr. Brian Streit is a highly regarded computer scientist with more than 10 years of technology leadership experience in industry, government and academia. Brian leads all technology operations at Computer ScienceInnovations, LLC, where he creatively solves business problems, envisions new solutions and applies his exceptional interpersonal skills to effectively managing teams and communicating to a wide variety of audiences.